DEBATE: "Which is the True Church"

Held in San Diego, CA, INC minister, Jose Ventilacion and Catholic Apologist, Karl Keating, President of Catholic Answers "discuss" their religious differences in this heated debate.

I tried to get a copy of this debate while going through indoctrination, but for some reason, it was not available for me to view. I had to purchase it from Catholic Answers. After viewing the video, I can understand why the INC does not want to have potential INC members watch this debate.

I was quite shocked and embarrassed for the INC in the way Ventilacion & Co. conducted themselves. You'll just have to view if for yourself to see what I mean and come to your own conclusions about it.

I strongly urge all who are looking to join the INC to watch this video as a lesson in your search for the truth. At least get the other side of the story from the other side, rather than both sides from the INC.

(If anyone does get a copy from the INC, please be aware that things can be edited out)

To obtain a copy, please contact Catholic Answers 1-888-291-8000.